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Services and Programs


People are often in need of "drug and alcohol" or "substance abuse" evaluations for their primary care doctors, employers, the courts, or a variety of other reasons. We provide comprehensive evaluations including differential diagnoses, treatment recommendations, continuity and coordination of care as desired. 


Outpatient Services

Level I - Outpatient Services include relapse prevention treatment, educational groups, and individual and group therapy. Outpatient services are suited for individuals who are brand new to treatment, only desire a minimal level of care, and for individuals who are completing the continuum of care from higher levels of care. 



Intensive Outpatient Program

Level 2.I - Intensive Outpatient Program is a level of care designed for individuals who need a combination of counseling, education, and support while practicing healthy and prosocial skills independently and autonomously, IOP is suited for individuals beginning their treatment journey as well as for those who are stepping down from a higher level of care. 


Medication Assisted Treatment

Family Empowerment Recovery Services, LLC believes that all options need to be discussed with clients as part of their comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. Evidence-based outcomes have consistently demonstrated that medications are effective for the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders when combined with counseling. At Family Empowerment Recovery Services, LLC, we offer a variety of psychotropic medications for the treatment of mental health issues. 


For Substance use disorders, Vivitrol can be prescribed to assist individuals with maintaining abstinence from opiate/opioid and alcohol use disorders by preventing the onset of cravings and blocking their effects if used.


For clients who are on other medically assisted treatments for substance use disorders (such as Suboxone/Buprenorphine or methadone), Family Empowerment Recovery Services, LLC will ensure great coordination of care and continuity between providers to ensure holistic, collaborative care.

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